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About Me

Life is very short and anxious for those who forget the past, neglect the present, and fear the future. -Seneca

Golden hour suspension bridge

About Me #

Hey there! I’m Shaukat Ibrahim, an finance and tech nerd passionate about finance and the thrill of fostering company growth and all things tech. Originally from the vibrant city of Bangalore, India, I developed an early appreciation for the intersection of technology, business, and culture.

My journey led me to Furman University, from where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, with a concentration in Finance. Graduating in May 2024, I’m excited to continue my career in investment banking by diving deeper into the realms of restructuring and M&A advisory.

Beyond the world of finance, I find solace in the great outdoors, indulging in activities like hiking and camping. And let’s not forget my profound love for coffee – a constant companion on this adventurous path.

While climbing the corporate ladder is undoubtedly a goal, my ultimate dream is to one day start my own business. This website serves as a creative outlet, where I document my thoughts and experiences on career, finance, and the life of a 20-something.

My Tech Stack #

Busstops in Japan

Coding Environments #

  • Visual Studio Code: Whether on desktop, in the browser, or using CodeSpaces, VS Code is my playground. Its vast extension system makes it a coder’s paradise.
  • Google’s IDX: A fantastic sidekick for specific projects, offering unique features that jazz up my workflow.

Hardware Hub #

  • MacBook Pro M2: Despite the apple`s less than ideal RAM which always feels a bit tight, the base model is still my trusty steed for all development and fun adventures.
  • MX Master Series: Some of the best keyboards and mice out there, making my coding sessions smooth and delightful. My daily drivers are the MX Keys S and the MX Master. Or do what I did and get the MX Keys S Combo.

Digital Toolbox #

  • Microsoft Office and Google Docs: I might have a soft spot for MS Office, but both are great for getting words and numbers to dance, especially if you get your hadns on their cool AI tools.

  • omnivore: The ultimate reading app with an open-source soul and an amazing developer community. Perfect for knowledge junkies like me.

  • grammarly: My grammar guardian angel, saving me from embarrassing typos and clumsy sentences.

  • cal: An awesome open-source project that keeps my calendar chaos in check, paired with Outlook (for work) and Google Calendar, all beautifully managed with

  • Fantastical: terrific apple app for calender

  • arc: My browser of choice, keeping my tabs organized and colorful. It’s like a digital rainbow that brings joy to my workflow.

  • jan and AWS bedrock: The dynamic duo for accessing the latest AI models without emptying my wallet.

  • copilot money: When you do end up blowing through your budget because those tokens can be pesky and sneaky, use this to keep your finances in check and steer clear of bankruptcy, even in this high-interest-rate jungle (sigh, JPowell and credit card-fueled consumerism).

  • LMSYS Chatbot Arena Leaderboard: When you have more cents to spare, a must-visit to see the latest and greatest AI models strutting their stuff.

  • clay: A clean and nifty personal CRM that helps me manage my connections and learn from the people I admire.

  • notion: My go-to for personal wikis and structured thinking marathons. Although I haven’t used it as much recently, it’s still a handy tool for archiving.

  • superlist and things 3 as my note takign app, this is a hard game to play there mogth be some cool apps btu its never enoight to keoe up abtu rightnow these two ahve been fav apps that have bene helping me keep track of my myeirad thigns, htough not always the best i cant wait for the day we have a robots that jsut do thigns that get added ot my list

  • perplexity: Perplexity AI is a unique search engine that combines elements of traditional search engines and AI chatbots.

  • reclaim The free plan is limited, but it does a great job of time blocking and putting in time blocks in my calendar. Now, whether I follow them is another thing, but even the act of having these pop up at regular intervals and the ability to sync different calendars is also helpful. However, it’s debatable if it’s actually a good idea to get the paid version of it and what it can do.

Old-School Stationery #


  • Ugmonk: I rely on Ugmonk stationery to keep my ADHD brain grounded and away from the modern world’s distractions. Their blend of functionality and timeless design is a breath of fresh air.
  • Stationery Collection: My treasure trove of reliable pens and journals helps me keep my thoughts organized in my distinct handwriting, providing a sense of calm and focus.

Free and Cool Stuff #

  • FMHY: The largest collection of free stuff on the internet! Check out the FMHY (Free Media Heck Yeah) page.
  • GitHub Discovery Pages: yes i am serious, If you’re someone who loves free and cool stuff, exploring the discovery pages on GitHub or checking out the trending section of the week might not be as fun as TikTok’s FYP, but it’s way more satisfying.

This eclectic mix of cutting-edge tools, reliable hardware, and charming old-school stationery keeps my creative and technical processes in perfect harmony.

Let’s Connect #

I’m always happy to engage in new conversations and learn from others. Reach out to me at [email protected] (email is preferred) or connect with me on LinkedIn. Whether it’s for a friendly chat or professional networking, I’m all ears and would love to hear from you!

Warning!: Views expressed here are independent of my professional tasks and do not represent financial advice or recommendations. Please consult with a qualified professional before making any financial decisions.